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Kiril Nikolaev is the founder and main writer of   Mr. Nikolaev's educational background is in finance and he's a CFA Charterholder. He has worked as a financial analyst for BMO Financial Group, which is one of the largest banks in Canada. He's also worked at Mitre Media where he was responsible for content strategy and product management for a few of their properties, including,,, and a few others. His most recent financial writing work can be found on His passion is in investment finance and he loves to spread awareness of finance and analysis, so that anyone can become an investor. Hire Kiril on Upwork, or find him on LinkedIn.

How to Grow Your Net Worth with Residential Rental Real Estate Investing

Residential real estate investing is one of the fastest ways of growing your net worth and becoming rich. This detailed article will show you how, based on a real example with real numbers. It will also talk about the first real estate deal I’ve ever done a few years ago. So I made many mistakes […]

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Fundamental Analysis: 4 Most Important Financial Statements

Fundamental analysis is the process of studying the financial and economic health of a security or a company in order to make informed investment decision making. This involves an in-depth and thorough examination of the accounting books and interpreting the results. This involves looking at and analyzing the financial statements of a company. Financial statements […]

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Top 10 Fundamental Analysis Indicators for All Investors

The maxim “knowledge is power” applies to just about every facet of everyday life, but even more so when it comes to investing in the financial markets. In today’s online, computer-driven investing world, knowing the right information is often the difference between being an investor in the driver’s seat of your investments and a helpless […]

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How to Read a Stock Quote

Investors and traders consider various details about a stock before they buy it. In this article, we will discuss the different terms often seen in stock quotes so you learn the basics of how to buy stocks. For this article, we’ll use Yahoo! Finance for all the major stock quote data. Other sites and resources […]

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Asset Allocation Vs. Security Selection – What’s the Difference?

Diversification is used to reduce an investor’s exposure to the risk of a particular asset class or security. By diversifying, an investor is less likely to suffer a major loss compared to what the risk would be if the portfolio was concentrated in a single asset or security. Diversification is a technical topic but here are […]

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6 Common Ways of Investing in Real Estate

Real estate is one of the best asset classes to invest in. Financial advisors and portfolio managers won’t tell you this because they don’t earn percentage fees when you invest in real estate unless you are buying a real estate investment trust (REIT) fund or ETF. Obviously, if you speak to mortgage brokers and real […]

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Intro to Forex Trading for Beginners

Foreign exchange (forex) is where investors and traders buy and sell currencies to try and make a profit. To maximize their earnings in forex trading, traders buy currencies for as low a price as possible and then sell for higher prices. Essentially, when you bet on a currency to go up, you’re also betting on […]

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Pros and Cons of Having an Investment Adviser

Children with verbal developmental delays need speech therapists so they can improve their communication skills. Athletes need coaches to enhance their strategies in their chosen sport. Professional singers reached their success not on talent alone, but also with the mentoring from voice instructors. One doesn’t become an established baker overnight, sometimes he or she needs […]

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What are Stock Splits?

Let’s compare stock splits to slices of pizza for a sec. Let’s say you have a whole pizza. You split the pizza into 6 slices. But you realize it is an extra-large pizza, so dividing it into so few slices means each one is huge. Therefore, you decide it’ll be better to cut it into […]

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Divide and Conquer: Defining The Stock Market Sectors

Chances are, 90% of the girl world has “Mean Girls” listed as one of their favorite movies. There’s probably no other movie that can measure up to the number of notable lines remembered up to this day by anyone, ever! Tina Fey, you are a genius!

Before we get carried away, the point here is that, […]

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