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Kiril Nikolaev is the founder and main writer of He has passed all three CFA exams on first attempt.   Mr. Nikolaev has worked as a financial analyst for BMO Financial Group, which is one of the largest banks in Canada. Currently, he's a Funds Subject Matter Expert at Mitre Media. This company owns website properties in many niches of finance. Kiril is responsible for content strategy and analysis for a few of their properties, including,,, and a few others. Kiril has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal for a top article on "sin" stocks. His passion is in investment finance and he loves to spread awareness of finance and analysis, so that anyone can become an investor. Hire Kiril on Upwork, or find him on LinkedIn.

Pros and Cons of Having an Investment Adviser

Children with verbal developmental delays need speech therapists so they can improve their communication skills. Athletes need coaches to enhance their strategies in their chosen sport. Professional singers reached their success not on talent alone, but also with the mentoring from voice instructors. One doesn’t become an established baker overnight, sometimes he or she needs […]

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What are Stock Splits?

Let’s compare stock splits to slices of pizza for a sec. Let’s say you have a whole pizza. You split the pizza into 6 slices. But you realize it is an extra-large pizza, so dividing it into so few slices means each one is huge. Therefore, you decide it’ll be better to cut it into […]

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Divide and Conquer: Defining The Stock Market Sectors

Chances are, 90% of the girl world has “Mean Girls” listed as one of their favorite movies. There’s probably no other movie that can measure up to the number of notable lines remembered up to this day by anyone, ever! Tina Fey, you are a genius!

Before we get carried away, the point here is that, […]

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Business Cycle 101

We’ve all heard that Maroon 5 song line “it’s not always rainbows and butterflies”. We definitely wish life were just a walk in the park, but there ain’t no better teacher than challenges and experiences, right?

Like the wonderful mess than is our life, businesses have their upsown and downs, too. Businesses and the economy […]

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Market Capitalization VS Book Value

Isn’t it crazy that a G.I. Joe action figure only cost two dollars or so in the 80’s? Yet here we are, thirty-ish years after, and the same action figure sells for $280 in eBay! That’s about 13,900% increase! Insane, right?

So, how could this happen? How can something that was bought for $2 sells for […]

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Assets, Liabilities and Equity: The Building Blocks of a Company

At some point in your life, you have definitely owned something (We hope you still do until now!). Take for example your hard-earned money. In exchange for doing your job, you get paid with “cash”. The money that you earn becomes yours. This money is considered as your asset because you own it. But.. SURPRISE! […]

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Understanding Technical Analysis

Before a year begins, most of us anticipate what the next color of the year will be. Superstitious people would want to wear something with a shade of that color when the clock strikes midnight of January 1st. Fashion labels would want to know what that color is as soon as possible so they can […]

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9 Reasons Why Stock Prices Change Every Second

Now picture this – you are on Wall Street and you see all these flashy numbers on the board that change every time you turn around. Sounds like a familiar movie scene? Now, you may ask: Why in the world do these numbers change all the time?

The short answer is two words: Supply and Demand. […]

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Basic Investment Approach Definitions: Chicken, Pigs and Stock Market Risk

What does a farm and the Stock Market have in common? Chicken and pigs. Yes, that’s right. Forget the age-old question “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?”. The new question would be “Are you a chicken, a pig, or neither?”.

The terms chicken and pig are used to describe investors based on their approach […]

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What Are the Major Asset Classes and How Do You Invest in Them?

Oftentimes, when a subject is too broad and complex, people tend to classify it into “groups” to simplify identification, observation and analysis. Take for example the entire animal kingdom that you and I are both apart of (unless, of course, you’re an alien, yikes!). There are a lot of different creatures in the animal kingdom […]

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