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About Us

Are you interested in making your money work for you? To be honest, I know of no one who will answer “no” to that question. So let’s dive in.

We designed a step-by-step guide to investing. This is a great first step towards learning about the stock market and how it works, as well as alternative investments. The guide begins with the most primitive and basic aspects of the stock market. Then, it looks at the individual investor (which is you). Here, we examine your current situation; investment objectives, risk tolerance, investment horizon, etc.

The next best thing before diving into specific investments and the huge rabbit hole the stock market has to offer, we’ll look into what are the different asset classes. Here, we’ll also dive into some basic accounting and the difference between equity and debt.

Do not get overwhelmed with the terminology just yet. Remember, we are starting from basics and I don’t expect you to know all the technical terms.

So in short, this website will start off with easy topics such as “what is the stock market?” and “what is an asset, liability or equity?” As you get closer to the never ending black hole, we’ll get into more complicated topics such as “how to use a leveraged instrument to magnify your returns”.

Not only is this website informative on the basics of the market, but we’ll also provide great investment analysis in “hot” and “cold” markets that no one is paying attention to. But that’s waaaaaay later down the road.

Keep in mind, we do not provide investment advise on this website, but rather, teach you everything you need to know about how to make your own investing decisions.