This level gets more advanced on the asset class we focused on in Kindergarten; stocks. We’ll be exploring due diligence on stocks, which includes fundamental and technical analysis. Business cycle, balance sheets, market sectors, investor biases are among the topics that are included in this section. Keep learning and you’ll know more than the average person about investing in no time.

Jump to Middle School if you’ve “been there, done that” with regards to these topics.

Understanding Stock Technical Analysis

(05/03/2016) -

What do the color of the year and stock technical analysis have in common? Trends and patterns! Let me explain and we’ll get into the technicals below. Before a year begins, some people anticipate what the next color of the year will be. Superstitious people would want to wear something with a shade of that […]

Learn the Building Blocks of a Company – Assets, Liabilities, and Equity

(05/04/2016) -

At some point in your life, you have owned something (We hope you still do now!). Take for example your hard-earned money. In exchange for doing your job, you get paid with “cash”. The money that you earn becomes yours. This money is considered your asset because you own it. But.. SURPRISE! Not everything you […]

Market Capitalization vs. Book Value

(05/05/2016) -

Isn’t it crazy that a G.I. Joe action figure only cost two dollars or so in the 80s? Yet here we are, thirty-ish years after, and the same action figure sells for $280 on eBay! That’s about a 13,900% increase! Insane, right? So, how could this happen? How can something that was bought for $2 […]

Business Cycle 101

(05/10/2016) -

We’ve all heard that Maroon 5 song line “it’s not always rainbows and butterflies”. We definitely wish life were just a walk in the park, but there ain’t no better teacher than challenges and experiences, right? Like the wonderful mess that is our life, businesses have their ups and downs, too. Businesses and the economy […]

The 11 Stock Market Sectors Explained

(05/11/2016) -

In high school, students are often classified based on their clique; the people who they hang out with in school. For example, in movies like “Mean Girls” the cliques were Jocks, Band Geeks, Cool Asians, Nerd Asians, Skinny Girls, Girls Who Eat Their Feelings, The Plastics, and so on. Turns out, newbies in school should […]

What Are Stock Splits?

(05/12/2016) -

Let’s compare stock splits to slices of pizza for a sec. Let’s say you have a whole pizza. You split the pizza into 6 slices. But you realize it is an extra-large pizza, so dividing it into so few slices means each one is huge. Therefore, you decide it’ll be better to cut it into […]

Top 10 Fundamental Analysis Indicators for All Investors

(07/09/2019) -

The maxim “knowledge is power” applies to just about every facet of everyday life, but even more so when it comes to investing in the financial markets. In today’s online, computer-driven investing world, knowing the right information is often the difference between being an investor in the driver’s seat of your investments and a helpless […]

Fundamental Analysis: 4 Most Important Financial Statements

(07/15/2019) -

Fundamental analysis is the process of studying the financial and economic health of a security or a company in order to make informed investment decision making. This involves an in-depth and thorough examination of the accounting books and interpreting the results. This involves looking at and analyzing the financial statements of a company. Financial statements […]