In this section you’ll learn the basics of stocks and the stock market. A stock is only one asset class; equity, and is really important. You will find out why it’s important and why you should care about stock market investing. Questions that will be answered include why do stocks change in value, what are some market trends, what are IPOs, and other beginner type questions about the markets.

If you know the basics of the stock market and stocks, go to the next level (Elementary), where we get more advanced and technical on stock market investing.

Stocks – The What, Who, When, Where, Why and How

(04/08/2016) -

We’re pretty sure you’ve heard the terms “stock” and “share” before. Well, aside from being a cooking ingredient or a virtue, that is. These two terms are used interchangeably and it’s important to keep this in mind to avoid confusion. As an investor, these terms are probably some of the first things you’ll hear as […]

How the Stock Market Works

(04/12/2016) -

At first glance, the concept of the “stock market” may seem a little intimidating to those who have no background in business or finance. But never fret, we’re here to show you what you need to know to get you started on the broad and fun world that is the stock market. To begin, let […]

3 Reasons Why You Should Care About the Stock Market

(04/13/2016) -

It is normal to have initial reservations about stuff we are not familiar with. It’s very easy to stay in your comfort zone, especially if it works just fine and you’re satisfied with your current way of living and you don’t explore your options that much. Yes, braving into the unfamiliar can be quite daunting, […]

Public vs. Private Companies

(04/25/2016) -

At some point in our lives, we’ve all been inspired by success stories. Usually, the hero of these stories starts from the bottom with close to nothing – then, boom! It takes one brilliant idea, a single streak of luck or one convinced person to pave the way for success. Like our heroes, most businesses […]

Primary vs. Secondary Markets

(04/26/2016) -

We all know what a market is. It is where all trade happens. It could either be a physical location or an online-based platform where buyers and sellers meet and interact to trade goods, services, instruments – anything, really – for money or exchange. At this point, you already know that stocks, too, are traded. […]

Basic Investment Definitions: Bull and Bear Markets

(04/27/2016) -

Chances are, you have seen at least one of these movies: The roaring 80’s Wall Street, Leo D’s epic performance in The Wolf of Wall Street, The comic relief of Trading Places, The making of young millionaires revealed in Boiler Room, Obi-Wan Kenobi’s Ewan McGregor’s role as a stockbroker in Rogue Trader, Richard Gere playing […]

Basic Investment Approach Definitions: Chicken, Pigs and Stock Market Risk

(04/29/2016) -

What do a farm and the stock market have in common? Chicken and pigs. Yes, that’s right. Forget the age-old question “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?”. The new question would be “Are you a chicken, a pig, or neither?”. The terms chicken and pig are used to describe investors based on their […]

Top 9 Reasons Why Stock Prices Change Every Second

(05/02/2016) -

Now picture this – you are on Wall Street and you see all these flashy numbers on the board that change every time you turn around. Sounds like a familiar movie scene? Now, you may ask: Why in the world do these numbers change all the time? The short answer is two words: Supply and […]

Top 3 Pros and Cons of Having an Investment Adviser

(05/25/2016) -

Children with verbal developmental delays need speech therapists so they can improve their communication skills. Athletes need coaches to enhance their strategies in their chosen sport. Professional singers reached their success not on talent alone, but also with mentoring from voice instructors. One doesn’t become an established baker overnight, sometimes he or she needs training […]

How to Read a Stock Quote

(06/19/2019) -

Investors and traders consider various details about a stock before they buy it. In this article, we will discuss the different terms often seen in stock quotes so you learn the basics of how to buy stocks. For this article, we’ll use Yahoo! Finance for all the major stock quote data. Other sites and resources […]