Middle School

Middle School


This will be an intro section to alternative investments. These include currencies/forex, real estate, private equity, hedge funds, commodities, and many other alternative asset classes.

Intro to Forex Trading for Beginners

(06/10/2019) -

Foreign exchange (forex) is where investors and traders buy and sell currencies to try and make a profit. To maximize their earnings in forex trading, traders buy currencies for as low a price as possible and then sell for higher prices. Essentially, when you bet on a currency to go up, you’re also betting on […]

6 Best Ways of Investing in Real Estate

(06/11/2019) -

Real estate is one of the best asset classes to invest in. Financial advisors and portfolio managers won’t tell you this because they don’t earn percentage fees when you invest in real estate unless you are buying a real estate investment trust (REIT) fund, mutual fund, or ETF. Obviously, if you speak to mortgage brokers […]


One of the Best Ways to Invest in Bitcoin, Ethereum and Cryptocurrency

(03/20/2021) -

It’s a good time to add this post on Investor Academy. Especially as a new wave of crypto bullishness is in the markets again. I am once again receiving phone calls and messages where people are asking: “How can I get Bitcoin?” “Is it too late?” “Which coins to buy?” This is a sign that […]

hedge fund manager staring at a screen

Top 5 Proven Hedge Fund Strategies for Maximum Returns

(01/10/2023) -

You may have heard about hedge funds but aren’t quite sure what they are or how they work. Simply put, hedge funds are investment vehicles that use a variety of strategies to generate returns and manage risk. In this article, we’ll cover the top 5 hedge fund strategies, including long/short equity, event-driven, global macro, relative […]

Computer screen with a stock chart

Top 5 Ways to Invest in Hedge Funds

(01/11/2023) -

We talked about the different hedge fund strategies that exist in the previous article. Now let’s dive into how you can actually gain exposure to these strategies. Here are the top five ways to invest in hedge funds: 1. Direct Investment in a Hedge Fund Direct investment: You can invest in a specific hedge fund […]

Laptop with chart

Stock Options: Everything You Need to Know

(05/19/2023) -

Investing in the stock market can seem like a daunting task, filled with complex jargon and financial intricacies. But fear not! In this beginner’s guide, we will demystify a powerful investment concept called stock options. Think of stock options as your secret weapon in the financial world, giving you the ability to unlock new opportunities […]

Technical analysis

Top 10 Technical Analysis Indicators for Trading and Investing

(05/23/2023) -

There are many different indicators that can be used in technical analysis, and different traders may have different preferences for which ones they use. Any modern software has all of these available at the click of a button. You don’t necessarily need to know how to calculate each technical analysis indicator, but you should know […]

Target price

What is the Stock Options Strike Price?

(06/11/2023) -

Imagine standing in a bustling marketplace, surrounded by stalls offering juicy apples at various prices. You have a specific type of apple in mind that you want to buy, but you also have a price in your head that you’re willing to pay. How does this relate to stock options strike price you might ask? […]

Man standing in front of a discovery

How and When to Exercise Stock Options

(06/25/2023) -

Let’s talk about a topic that might seem a bit intimidating at first glance, but is actually a fantastic tool for growing your wealth and securing your financial future. We’re talking about stock options, specifically, how to exercise stock options. Think of stock options like a secret door in a video game. Many players might […]

Stock Options at Startups

(07/02/2023) -

When it comes to building wealth and securing a stable financial future, understanding stock options at startups is a vital piece of the puzzle. Just like a key that unlocks hidden treasure, stock options can offer tremendous opportunities for growth and financial success. So, what exactly are stock options, and why should you care? Stock […]